Sunday, 16 April 2017

Bliss of Togetherness

It's the most dreamed and awaited moment,
When you came to meet, in front of me,
I hugged you tight to absorb happiness,
To take in, our longing togetherness.

You too hold me strong, for a long time,
To say, yes I am here with you dear,
I want to touch you, to feel your presence,
To believe that you are close to me and near.

I entered into my prince's monarchy,
I want to bestow all love which I have,
You visualize, making me princess at this jiffy,
Your fingers rolled into hair those were frizzy.

I dropped eyelids to unlock my senses, casually,
Your gentle touches took me to another galaxy,
I surrender myself, into your arms to smother,
Locked and close, to hear heartbeat of each other.

We gaze and eyes meet with another pair of eye,
Felt lost in each other's magical whimsy, 
A magnetic force joined two bodies firmly,
The two affectionate craving souls unify.

We showered kisses to show our adoration,
An aroma of love fused and merged between us,
Unpleasant sore of separation seemed to be healed,
Bliss of togetherness is now mutually revealed.

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