Sunday, 6 November 2016

Souls Unites

A couple were sitting together and close,
Forgetting whole world, that moment went froze,
Sharing their sentiments for each other and passion,
Aware that after sometime they have to move on.

They hold each other, with affection and admiration,  
A deep desire to smooch became overpowered,
Desirous to quench thirst by sip of love’s wine,
Lost in each other with devotion to touch the divine.

Their eyes inspected all around, to feel fearless,
So that no one can see them, only nature could witness,
Their raised heartbeats and breaths could be count,
Warmth of their bodies were in same amount.

A physical way of lip to lip exchanging breaths,
Absorbing love for each other and connecting souls,
A treasured moment that would last eternity and never fly,
They gratified to say goodbye in each other’s eye.

They are aware that their stars would cross again,
Nothing would stop two souls in meeting this way,
They stamped their love with a tender immortal kiss,
A satisfaction floated and whole nature filled with bliss.