Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The moment we met

All emotions are at hold to try and be normal,
I am sitting next to you it is still unbelievable,
I hold your hand to feel and touch your presence,
You seem nervous and needed to be calmed. 

We are still struggling to absorb our togetherness,
Both are aware that moment is short like a bubble,
We have so many things to say and express,
Both of us were silent and lost conventional words.

I hold your hands tight to pass my warmth,
Warmth of my body, sentiments and soul,
Want to give you confidence that I am still in your hold,
I am trying to convey my unexpressed love on being bold.

The moment of togetherness was slipping from our hand,
We know that our separation is universe’s notified plan,
A pain over powered again by thinking that we have to separate.
You look like drowning inside and strange pain generated.

My heart was sinking seeing you sadden,
I maintained a smile on my lips to keep you calm,
You moved deeply, and I mourned inside realizing that,
A tempest came and went, we are separated again.

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