Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Desired love letter

A desire to share, I want a letter from you,
A letter from my love and written with love,
Expressing sentiments, that without me you are lonely,
Each and every word must be emotive, for me only,

Express when did the beats of heart elevate,
When did you skip a few beats of it, while thinking of me,
Did I ever fill your breath with calmness, share that kindly,
Did I ever give you a reason to live and love me blindly.

Will you be able to mention my ways, that you like most,
Of course also the things you dislike and want to change,
Could I ever have influenced you in any good deed,
Am I the person of your need? Do write briefly. 

All your moments with me should be told,
I want all bare truth and confessions in bold,
Don't forget the thing that you, love in me the most,
Pour all those sentiments that I want to feel close.

The sleepless nights should be talked about,
Silly moments like smelling roses with thoughts of blue,
Declare, did you ever write my name on any wall?
Any stupid thing that you did, that now made you laugh by recall?

Don’t forget to share all your fantasies, related to me,
Reveal the things which you didn’t dare to share with me,
How to you the image of our togetherness feel ecstatic?
Any special thing which makes you feels blissful being with me.

I am hanging around for the love packed words,
Printed in black and white with poignant colors,
Exclusive feeling which would be my life’s treasure,
A reason to fall in love with you again and again, wholly and forever.

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