Sunday, 3 April 2016

Can I…

Can I dare to come close to your aura, while caressing leisurely your long beautiful hair,
Keeping your head on my chest, so that you could count each of my heartbeat with care.

Can I lie on your lap and you would close your face towards mine, to feel warmth of togetherness,
A closeness that would take my breath away and to give me heavenly feeling of tenderness.

Can I choose to be close in the curves of your body to absorb calmness which is gifted to you?
In bright twilight I want to listen each loud thump of your heart, which beats for me only.

Can I play in rain water shower with you to express my love with every falling raindrop,
An experience that would make me believe, you are just made for me, my untouched pure love.

Can I image a complete skinny touch with you, to feel warmth of your body a physical way of play?
A fear overpowers of loosing you as a dew drop that vanishes after touch of sun ray. 

Can I write unsaid and unread lyrics on each of your spark of beauty to express my sentiments that throb for you,
By using ink of rainbow colors so that nature would sum up with me to sing my love song only for you.

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