Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Surrender

Staring into your deep eyes, I am indulging into a fascination,
A desire to be close to you is stimulating inside my being,
My love is pure for you, untouched and unexpressed,
A thirst to taste my love, bringing me more close to you,
Is lust over powering me, or nature’s way of  bringing lovers together?

You are looking uncomfortable, shy and anxious,
  Are you really edgy or is this silent feminine invitation to me?
I want to come closer to you and to love you more deeply,
A touch, a warmth of your body, aroma of your open hair, softness of wet lips,
Creating magical effect on me,  is love in the air or am I becoming crazy slowly?

I know you love me more than anyone ever could , selfless and unsaid,
Want to give you my everything which you never demanded before,
You are upset and confused as my sentiments yearn for lust,
I am just desirous to adore you in all ways and want to pay my best,
Accept my devotion, would you let me love you beyond all limitations?

A gentle request, loving tantrum, you are tender and ready to surrender,
Is it willingness of same desire or you bow down as I am your weakness?
A silence is broken by beats of heart and by warmth of our breaths,
Look into my eyes, give me a smile, don't let your guilt kill my love for you,
Isn't this  the tranquil moment of lovers, you and me are one now?

1 comment:

  1. Nicely penned poem from male point of view...Good job!! It reminded me of the popular song "Let's make a night..." by Bryan Adams. :)