Thursday, 31 March 2016

Unsaid Love

Love is a bond...
A unique spiritual tie,
Between two souls an unbreakable relation,
Which is beyond any worldly calculation.

Love is a game...
A secret mission planted by nature,
It's a responsibility to be carried between two,
A selfless care protecting from all damages.
Love is a journey…
A sentiment traveling from one to another,
Hearts connected with each other and beat,
Silence speaks, feelings conveyed without bridge of words.

Love is a promise...
A promise to keep life long,
Unsaid and untold to undergo it's worth lifetime,
A truth of worthiness and loyalty for each other.

Love is a faith…
Close to blind as love is known for,
A trust needed to keep in-between,
So that no obstacle can break a concrete relation.

Love is spiritual...
An internal dealing to enlighten souls,
A natural fire to ignite same sentiments,
In two pure hearts to connect and to feel love!

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