Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Will you be mine

Will you be mine, till infinity?
Till roses smell romantic and waves call for surfing?
Till sky fascinates all and clouds give hope for blessed raining?
Nature turned diverse with every passing second, without complaining,
Would you be changed too by the transitory time?

Will you be mine, till infinity?
My love for you is eternal; around the world, it is all encompassing,
This universe would witness our love and centuries would be remembering,
I believe no matter everything is momentary and in changing process, 
Would your love for me, remain everlasting and never fleeting?

Will you be mine, till infinity?
Let's do all the formal promises done between lovers, eternally sustaining,
To be united physically and join souls in togetherness, like colors of a painting,
Even if the body mixes with Mother Earth, our love always be there, remaining,

Would you like to be with me in that inseparable way?

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