Thursday, 28 January 2016

You are my Lifeline

Imprint the humble kisses of my exquisite lips, for your whole day shine,
Absorb the warm hugs of my body in yours, to feel warmth like red wine.

My gentle smile to inspire you and to keep you beaming always and fine,
To brighten your blissful day, I like to surrender this enlightened soul of mine.
Inhale the breaths of my life to make yourself more lively and feeling divine,
Our meeting  is like quenching of longing thirst, meet me lifelong on dine.

Its a heavenly feeling being with you, it gives sense to me, as you are my lifeline,
I accomplish all my treasures being with you, as you are my delight and goldmine.

Love and craving for boundless togetherness, takes us on cloud nine,
Let us forget all worldly customs, beyond the border of acceptance or decline.

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