Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A wound

There is wound deep inside given by you,
It hurts, it pains, it makes me restless,
When I smiles, blood drips inside me,
The more I try to forget, more it hurts.

It is erstwhile, poignant and invisible,
But ache is constant and unbearable,
Irritation drives me crazy bit by bit,
More I try to overlook, darling it hurts.

I always swallowed my trouble and kept mum,
Throbbing of my ache, conveyed to none,
Now I bear enough, feel drained and exhausted,
Want to scream in my last, it hurts, it hurts….

Sunday, 18 December 2016


ख़ूब सिला देते है हमारी वफाओ का, हर मोड़ पे वो दग़ा देते है,
मर्ज़ी से निभाते है साथ और जब चाहे तंहा, छोड़ दिया करते हैं।

रिश्ता है ये रूहानी-सा, कोई उन्हे मुहबबत का वास्ता दे भी तो कैसे,
दुखा के दिल मेरा हरदम, वो मेरे सब्र का इम्तिहान लिया करते है।

उनसे वफ़ाए निभाकर भी देख लीं, अब किसी का भी ऐतबार नहीं रहा,
ये ज़रूरी नहीं के राह--सफ़र, हमसफ़र-सा साथ दिया करते हैं।

मुहब्बत की कसक दफन करके दिल में, अधुरी कहानी लिए भटकते हैं, 
तुम वो कोहिनूर बन गए, जिसे हम हसरत से देख लिया करते हैं।

समंदर की मौजो से कह दो, ना दिया करे किनारों पर इस क़दर दस्तक,
हसरतें फ़ना कर दी सारी, अब हम औरों के लिये जीया करते हैं।

हर दर्द पर लगाके पेबंद मुस्कुराहट का, दास्ताँने दर्द छुपाई कुछ ऐसे, 
हर कोई मुझे ख़ुश समझा, इस तरह हम दाग़--दिल ढाप लिया करते है।

Thursday, 15 December 2016

My man in Black

My man wearing black outfit, so fascinating and smart,
He mesmerizes by the smiles from his sleek lips and took away my heart.

He is my heart throb, reason to live, bliss of life, my pure love’s part,
I am blessed to be with him in my dark nights and before the day to start.

When I sense lonesome, crushed, sinking in my pains and feel lost,
He always comes as my guardian Angel, to heighten me and to boost.

I want to discover all the crests and troughs, splendor with excellence and flaws,
A fear of losing always over powers me, so I keep my fingers crossed.

If love is a miracle then, it happened with me, I am a princess of my prince,
We are living in each other’s heart, a castle, apart yet loving sweet heart.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

मेरी हमनवॉ

एक चंचल, शोख़, चुलबुली, दिल फ़रेब हंसी ख़ूबसूरत-सी,
बहुत याद आती है वो लड़की, मेरे यादों के ख़ज़ाने मे बसी हुई।

बात-बात पर हँस जाना, कभी रो देना ज़ार-ज़ार करके बातें बडी-सी,
बहुत याद आती है वो लड़की, मेरे ख्वाबों में ख़ुशबू सी बसी हुई।

कभी इतराना बच्चों-सा, कभी चौंका देना करके बातें गहरी-सी, बहुत याद आती है वो लड़की, ख़यालों में दस्तक देती हुई।

 वो सम्भालना उसे, कभी समझाना, मुझ से प्यार और मुझ से ही उलझती-सी,
बहुत याद आती है वो लड़की, मेरे दिल से लगा के रखी, सुनहरी डायरी बनी हुई।

 रिश्ता जो, एक रेशम की डोर से बंध गया, मेरे दिल की अनकही कहानी सी,

बहुत याद आती है वो लड़की, मेरी हमनवॉ, दिल की वो राहत रूहानी-सी।

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Souls Unites

A couple were sitting together and close,
Forgetting whole world, that moment went froze,
Sharing their sentiments for each other and passion,
Aware that after sometime they have to move on.

They hold each other, with affection and admiration,  
A deep desire to smooch became overpowered,
Desirous to quench thirst by sip of love’s wine,
Lost in each other with devotion to touch the divine.

Their eyes inspected all around, to feel fearless,
So that no one can see them, only nature could witness,
Their raised heartbeats and breaths could be count,
Warmth of their bodies were in same amount.

A physical way of lip to lip exchanging breaths,
Absorbing love for each other and connecting souls,
A treasured moment that would last eternity and never fly,
They gratified to say goodbye in each other’s eye.

They are aware that their stars would cross again,
Nothing would stop two souls in meeting this way,
They stamped their love with a tender immortal kiss,
A satisfaction floated and whole nature filled with bliss.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

WITH YOU FOREVER (My debut novel)

This story is the journey of a young man Amit, discovering himself in different aspects of existence. His dilemmas and conflicts have been depicted. How his over ambitious nature turns his life into a living nightmare is harrowing. Amit an engineer is handsome and hard working. His goals are highly set and clear. He has the attitude of a playboy towards girls and how this attitude takes a serious turn in his life he himself does not get to know. Maria, his love object, is a simple girl with high moral values. Being the eldest child, she has to make certain choices, and tragically this ushers her life into a mess. Amit got trapped in grinding problems and tried to escape from stark realities of his life. He is in search of ever evading peace of mind. But does he ever come to terms with himself? Does he ever get his lost love back? Does he ever feel complete? Where do his abject circumstances lead him ultimately?

Grab your copy for heart throbbing story....

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The moment we met

All emotions are at hold to try and be normal,
I am sitting next to you it is still unbelievable,
I hold your hand to feel and touch your presence,
You seem nervous and needed to be calmed. 

We are still struggling to absorb our togetherness,
Both are aware that moment is short like a bubble,
We have so many things to say and express,
Both of us were silent and lost conventional words.

I hold your hands tight to pass my warmth,
Warmth of my body, sentiments and soul,
Want to give you confidence that I am still in your hold,
I am trying to convey my unexpressed love on being bold.

The moment of togetherness was slipping from our hand,
We know that our separation is universe’s notified plan,
A pain over powered again by thinking that we have to separate.
You look like drowning inside and strange pain generated.

My heart was sinking seeing you sadden,
I maintained a smile on my lips to keep you calm,
You moved deeply, and I mourned inside realizing that,
A tempest came and went, we are separated again.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Letter of love

How can I write a letter to you my sweetheart?
I am at a loss of words when I pick my pen and start.

I can say that you are my dream, which I dared not to view,
My love, you are my North Star to show path for my pains flew.

You are the beat of my heart which throbs inside me,
A hidden secret which I locked inside and threw its key.

My sentiments which I feel deep inside are a bliss,
You are the rhyme of my breaths and untold story that world miss.

You are worth to think of in my cloudy days and dark nights,
You always complete me and give me strength to move and fight.

You are aware of all my flaws and yet guide and forgive kindly,
I am blessed to have you in my life and love you blindly.

Is it necessary to write a love letter to express and to confess?
You are my soul-mate and can feel that you are the person I possess. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

मुहब्बत की मंज़िल

एक कसक सी है के, कुछ इस तरह गुज़रे ये ज़िदगी के मुक़ाम--मज़िल पा जाए,

सिला मिले मुझे भी मेरे सब्र का, आँखे खोलूँ और खुआब हक़ीक़त मे ढल जाये।

वक़्त का पहिया पीछे घूमे तरह के, खो गया जो मुझ वो वापिस मिल जाए,

मेरा अनकहा दर्द मुझ से निजात पा जाए और मेरे सारे ग़म ख़ुशी में ढल जाये।

रातों के पहर मैंने गुज़ारे हैं जाग कर, जिसमें फ़ना हो जाता है अंधेरा, तू वो चाँद बन जाए,

फूलो में ख़ुशबू और समंदर में लहरें है जैसे, हमारा साथ भी कुछ इस तरह हो जाये।

हसरतें हैं की वक़त के साथ और जवाँ होती है, वजूद मेरा हर बंदिशों से आज़ाद हो जाए,

दास्ताँ मेरी जो है बेदम है बिछड़ कर तुझ से, मिले तू तो मुकम्मल हो जाये।

तेरी खुआईशे हो सब मुझ से जुड़ी, कुछ तुझे पाने की तलब, मुझ में भी ख़ुदगर्ज़ हो जाए,

क़दम यू बढ़ा मेरी तरफ़ के, ये फ़सले तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ के, मुहब्बत की मंज़िल पा जाये।