Sunday, 21 June 2015

My day

My day would not be cheery for me, it would be flat, spoil and then would flee,
I will not blow any candle and wouldn’t cut the cake, if you are not with me.

I don't want to demand anything, nor want any meeting or anything to see,
I accept myself as grown up gracefully, wouldn't party if you are not with me.

You are my bliss, a reason to smile, still I give space and let you always free,
I am determined and declare no rejoice on my day, if you are not with me.

That day might be busy devoted to others, on the sky as you are going to fly,
Do remember I will be ignored, isolated and will cry as you are not with me.

I don't want to create a barricade around you, by sounding sentimental or with any plea,
But I will not greet the sun, it will be as if the day didn’t come, if you are not with me.

I wish I would be blessed by another year in my life to fill all the colors again,
Hope this day would come over again, to celebrate the birthday with you and me.

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