Monday, 13 April 2015

A Tale behind a photograph

I saw your photograph, standing by her side, 
One hand resting on her shoulder, showing your protective attitude,
Showing possessive and pure affection for you.
Both of yours body language shows togetherness.

Your eyes did not hold any expression
Empty and vacant but her eyes have so many,
She wants you to stand by her side, in all phases of her life,
A smile on your lips is missing but she holds that gracefully.
She is devoted to you and confident of your loyalty,

A question always clicks in the marine of my mind,
Are you trying to balance between two of your loves?
Being physically with one and keep another emotionally inside you?
Is this the way of your love, to carry both in different manners?
Or is there something always which is not in your control?

If pairs are made in heaven, then why do lovers live life of hell?
Burning alive in worldly customs and being alone in flock,
Is this photo for satisfying your worldly duties related to your name?
To show your physical adoration to someone close to you, bound by society,
Even though somebody else might breathe in your breath, and beat with your heart.

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