Monday, 6 April 2015

A slap

A slap...
Just because I dared to answer?
Responded to non sense arguments?
Raised my voice for wrong behavior?

A slap...
Physically hurt that left a forceful impact?
Shattered me into pieces and wound my soul deeply?
This act is to teach me to listen, to make me silent?

A slap...
Yes you succeeded, I am badly wounded and hurt, 
I am torn into portions, weeping and screaming inside,
My soul is on edge of ache out of an unending pain.

A slap...
You belong to men; hit me as I am feminine?
A weaker part of your family and ripened society,
Depend on you for merely cloth, bread and currency. 

A slap...
Now it's my turn, I am no more a matter of pity,
If you can't protect, love and provide care,
You better be alone, you don’t deserve me.

A slap….
Can’t kill my love, passion, concern,
It surely devoted for someone better than you.
The Slap will bounce back, now I will leave you.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome Poem. I got carried away and got drifted with the initial agony and melancholia but was relieved to see the goodness-feminine bounce back in the end. Kudos.