Monday, 22 December 2014

Is School Is For Killing?

A building is suddenly turned into battle field,
 A virtuous place where knowledge is worshipped,
 Teachers, the second parents, worried for little beings,
A shock which shakes every mankind, dreadful, terrible!

Merciless killers are doing their job, at their best,
Books, bags, shoes are dipped in red smelly blood,
Broken, trembling bodies struggling to touch death,
Few hastened to search the path to save themselves.

Flesh, gash, pain, panic, terror, screams are all around,
 Innocents were calling their mothers and few even to God
In the hope that one miracle would take them out of it,
 Bullet rounds, hand grenades, knife, fire were snatching lives.

Everyone is rushing, running, shouting for their being,
Death was chasing everywhere: so helpless, so vulnerable,
Teachers are killed; Principal is blasted for no reason,
 To whom should they go, to hide and ask for protection?

Oh Almighty! Please stop this massacre, the bloodbath
Before we mislay hope, save this species, which has gone berserk,
A man is killed by man and now its turn of our little angels,
 Spread peace and harmony everywhere for the sake of earth.


  1. It's very unfortunate the people are targeting little angle for satisfying their ego....ashi your contribution for awaking the self of mankind deserve a big salute....

  2. Well said @Priyanka Mathur....Ashi deserves a big salute for contributing through her poetry. It is such small acts which could go a long way in creating awareness and realization among people. Well done Ms. Ashi