Thursday, 18 September 2014

Dancing at the beats of Rain

Saw a girl, dancing on the beats of the rain
Wet clothes draping her body, giving her a shape
Hair like creepers, sliding from her head downwards
She was in ecstasy, in bliss, careless and delighted

Rain drops falling to catch her cheery steps
Kissing her prettiness, dropping on her head
Falling down on the earth, for the last touch of her toe
Like thousands of pearl strings broken and showering on her.

Clouds are dark and thunder is loud, 
Nature is in high spirits flowing its sanction
Clouds are in love and melting in the form of water
To quench the thirst of clouds by touching her beauty

She is with moist body and fresh like a rose
Reflecting her beauty as sun rays come from dawn
Bright, amusing, fragrant and jovial in nature
I am watching her from a distance, tasting nature through a glance at her.

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