Sunday, 25 May 2014

Setting My Soul Free

I took a fleeting look; dizziness melting into my lonesome eyes,
I have tales to share; my dried lips are vibrating with lack of words.

An assembly is disposed around me, sealing my worldly body firmly,
My chest is suffocating by lack of breath and choking me badly.

I want to search you in the flock, before dropping my eyelids for the last time,
Desirous for a gentle touch of yours, before leaving this corpse of mine.

Ah! I am tired of witnessing your presence; I have to go with yearning,
Lost all hopes and dream, I have to leave from here without any concerning.

A last worldly jerk, led me to unwind and gratis of all responsibility,
They are taking me for the holy bath and bringing the white dress for me,

I am glowing in pure white, with bliss and smiling with heavenly peace,
They are digging in mother earth to bury and setting my soul free.

I have to go, you have to set me free, free from your love,
Free from the desire to be with you, free me and let me go………

Father let me fly

I was born as a little being,
No traits of my own, a nobody,
With eyes closed, tiny and stiff,
You held me in your arms with love and pride.

I was unaware of planet,
You initiated me to it,
gave me a name, that was a part of yours, 
Let your eyes with so many dreams glide.

I started crawling to sense the world,
You provided carpet till every step,
Grant answers to my all stupid queries, 
You bore all my crisis and stood with my side.

You were my institution
Helper and care taker after my mother,
Who gave me confidence and power,
You are my hero papa, but now my world is wide.

I am grown up, to find myself,
Got my aims and target to hit on,
You told me always that sky is my limit, 
Father I want to say, let me fly, I want to stride.

To the unknown avenues
To explore and find my path to tread upon
I have to move on from your security
Father let me face the realities, and grow and not hide

I will move with your values,
Will bring name and fame for you,
Fulfill all expectations related to me,
father I am an entity now, desirous to glow with your guide.

Father let me fly….. Father let me fly…..