Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Arabian horse with pretty looks,
Having dished face and few vertebras,
That makes its tail seem high set with glossy hair, 
Milky white, smart and fascinating in looks,
Rushing towards me with its speed high,
Are you coming sitting on it?

I didn’t wait for you,
Nor had any wish and desire to get you,
To see and feel you closely, confronting each other,
You might hold adventure and mystery,
That might take me to another world,
Are you coming to set me free?

I don’t know my destination,
The world I lived in or the world you take me to,
Or what would be just my next journey after this,
I might be blessed with next life to live,
A silence anonymity and hush is all around,
Are you going to reveal any secret on me?

My long hair are still waving into air,
Trapping sounds clearly, I can hear,
I can spectacle firmly, everything out there,
My skin is still reflecting back the gleam of sun,
I am not that very old not very much young,
Are you still coming to take life out of me?

Let me thank Almighty to give this life,
Let me gasp breaths to inhale and survive,
Let me meet up my all closed and loved ones,
Give me more treasured and cherished moments,
I want to absorb this worldly beauty around me,
Come and embrace me death, I am ready to be terminate!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

To Touch Spirituality

I dipped my pen into my own blood to write a rhyme,
dragged my soul out of body to beautify words of mine.

Want to pour all sentiments into a single composition,
My poems are volcano of my boundless honest emotions.

I am into abyss of love finding no way to any destination;
I will drag you here after a read and be your only adoration.

My words are melodies like cuckoo's songs of summer,
Sentiments are pure and like unsung song of hummer.

It elevates my soul to touch spirituality and takes me to the lord,
None of worldly custom follows to destroy my dream’s ford.

I waited since so many centuries to wear this human body,
To live a life of human to love you and to die for you madly.