Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Kiss

A Kiss
A Kiss....
A sensual touch of two bodies,
To show affection and tenderness,
Before the souls unite with ecstasy
An eternal, immortal pleasure.

A kiss....
Given as a sign of possessiveness
From a mother to her tiny buds
Or by a brother to her little sister
To show that they share more than blood

A kiss......
On the forehead of a loved one,
An assurance that she'll always be there
throughout the life's ups and downs
A seal which can never be broken

A kiss....
On the hand of beloved,
To propose a long union, a matrimony
To make her believe that his love is pure,
Longing for Inseparable worldly togetherness.

A kiss....
Taken by force, to show power,
Stamps a mark deep inside,
One smiles with winning spirit,
While the other cries with invisible tears.

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