Monday, 24 June 2013

The Yearning

Have a desire to be close to you once again
to say to you, what I never said before
to be lost in your tight embrace
Oh How I have longed to be there!
I want to get old with you,
Be by your side, when your hair turns grey
Want to rest my head on your shoulder
Oh how vulnerable I am without you!
I want you to be a part of my future
When I am old and my skin has wrinkled
my eyes might fail to give me a proper sight
would you show me what’s left of the world?
I may not understand your soft whispers
But your eyes will always suffice
Telling me all the secrets of your heart
Revealing onto me even what you leave unsaid
I want to sing my love song when you are 100
Would you still feel my love on that day?
I will be there for you, even after death
Would you prefer your final sleep next to my grave?
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