Saturday, 25 May 2013

I will live again

It was a heavy rain
But my eyes were dry
my cracked lips smiled

as I waited for you one last time!

And then you came

Like a stranger to my eyes,
Showing me papers to sign
A signature for your liberation!


Free you would be

From the unwanted strings

Responsibilities, care, love

And the unending grief, me!

A free bird, at last
As you always want to be,
I was a cage for you
So I let you be free!

I loved you, cared for you,
Surrendered my life
I gave everything just
To be tagged as your wife!

Now I am hurt, shattered,
Wasted so many years,
Giving you everything I had,
I now wish to live for myself!

It would be tough, I don't deny,

But one day I'll breath and relax
Live in a world of solitude,
Without burden and suffocation!

One day I'll have my desires back,
of love and a life without pain
Forgetting all the things I've lost
Away from you, I will live again!

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Mukkamal Jahan (A Ghazal in Hindi)

मुकम्मल जहाँ

मुकम्मल जहाँ के होने होने में, कुल इतना-सा फासला है,
कुछ सितारे हैं गर्दिश में और कुछ तुझ में हौसला कम है।

हो भी सकता था वो तेरा, तूने गर चाहा होता दिल से,
कुछ तुझ में ज़िद कम है, कुछ दुआएँ तेरी बेअसर हैं।

गर हो गुलों की चाहत, तो काटों से उलझने की हिम्मत रखना,
ख़ैरात में नही मिलती मंज़िल, बढ़ कर हासिल  सब होता है।

बुज़दिल दिल, क्याें करता है हसरते नई, क्यों बुनता ख्याब है?
अपनाले जो मिला तुझे,करना ही होगा सब्र, उस पर जो तेरे पास है।

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Mukkamal Jahan

Mukkamal jahan kay, hone na hone main, kul etna-sa fasla hai,
Khuch setaray hain gardish main aur khuch tujh main hosla kam hai.


Ho bhi sakta tha woh tayra, tune gar chaha hota dil say,
Khuch tujh main zid kam hai, khuch duay tayre bayassar hain.


Gar ho gulo ki chahat, to katon say ulajhne ki himmat rakhna,
Kahraat main nahin melti manzil, bar kar hasil sab hota hai.


Aye buzdil dil, Keyu karta hai hasratey nai, keyu bunta nay khuab hai?
Apnalay jo mela tujhey, karna he hoga saber, us per jo tayray pass hai.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Final Sleep

A truth, that fills you with pain,
Hard to bear, difficult to accept!
Neither hope nor courage works
Leaving you hurt and burned!

Is this really what you deserve?
Why is your destiny making you helpless?
Something pulls you down strongly
And you wish if you could only ascend!

Your soul struggles for freedom
You try to scream but to no avail!
You give up, feeling tired and failed
Close your eyes for a final sleep!

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Life is like Chess (My oil painting)

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